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4 inventions made by Guatemalans that have changed communities

4 inventions made by Guatemalans that have changed communities

March 15, 2016
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All over the world, inventions are made by people who seek to make a huge difference on the way people live every day and change the way things are done. These creations also help to solve certain kind of problems within a community or a specific group of people.

Guatemala has excelled around the world for having beautiful landscapes, being the home of the Mayan civilization and a diverse culture. But this country has also highlighted in the world due to amazing inventions made by Guatemalans and that have caused a big impact in local communities and internationally.

Now, we will talk about 4 inventions made by Guatemalans that have changed communities all over the world.

“Incaparina” by Ricardo Bressani

This is a beverage invented by a Guatemalan doctor named Ricardo Bressani back in 1959. This beverage was invented in order to fight malnutrition in the Central American country. It is created by a compound made with corn flour, starch for cotton (later replaced by soy flour), carbonate of calcium, iron and vitamins A and B. It is also an excellent source of carbohydrates, which constitutes the main energy reserve of children in growth. In addition, it contains 2grs of dietary fiber, which helps to protect against the children from suffering obesity. The model of this product has served as an example for other countries in Latin America where they produce similar products in order to fight malnutrition in their own countries. We also have to mention that Incaparina has been recognized worldwide as one of the best nutritional foods.

“Ecofiltro” by Fernando Mazariegos 

This is an invention made by a Guatemalan engineer named Fernando Mazariegos and that has benefited thousands of Guatemalans, especially in rural communities, as it helps the people prevent gastro-intestinal diseases. The Ecoflitro was created with the help of a unique, handmade and ecological technology back in 1981. This inventions gives the people the opportunity of getting filtered drinking water at low cost. The Ecofiltro purified water complies with the parameters established by the World Health Organization. This invention has benefited nearly 500 thousand Guatemalans and thousands of people in countries from Africa, Asia, Caribbean and South America.

“Duolingo” by Luis Von Ahn

Luis Von Ahn is a Guatemalan inventor who created a website named Duolingo and it helps people that want to learn languages such as Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese or Italian. The program is currently available in operating system Android and iOS. The service is designed to help translate web pages and other documents. The best thing about “Duolingo” is that is completely free and has benefited more than 12 million users in America and Europe. Von Ahn also invented something called Captcha and Recaptcha which are cyber security technologies based on test graphs to differentiate machines and human.

GMS by Guillermo Mendez Santizo

Guillermo Mendez is a pharmacist that created an ointment to heal ulcers, scratches, burns and others. The original formula was crafted in traditional way and it became the ointment and balsamic known as GMS. This medicine has helped a lot of people in rural places and is easy to afford due to the low price of the product. Even though Mr. Mendez died on 2013, the company he created continues to produce this helpful medicine.

These are only 4 inventions that have changed communities in Guatemala and many others in different countries in the world. Do you know any other products made by people born in Guatemala that have made a change in someone’s life? Share it with us!

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