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3 reasons to involve with a rural community

3 reasons to involve with a rural community

July 22, 2016
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A rural community or small town in the countryside, in most countries it is a poor area. Why would you get involved in activities here?  Well, getting involved can actually make you happy and acquire new life experiences.

In this blog, we give you 3 reasons to get involved in a rural community, but before we begin, we must give you a definition for this type of area where people live: an area that is not considered urban and with less than 2000 inhabitants.

So why would you do it? Here are the reasons:


- Reason 1: Happiness

Doing something good for someone else and even better a whole rural community makes you happy. So volunteering your time gives you a sense of satisfaction and pride and if you feel happy, you get less sick and have more energy to work every day.

You also get to expand your horizons, so you have more tolerance for bad things, different people, and obstacles that may appear on the way.


- Reason 2: It’s good for the community

When you participate in a project with an NGO or by yourself, and help a community you are making something good for that place. Most of the time, you provide important services to those in need of house improvement, basic needs covered (water, electricity) and more.

When you get involved and work hand to hand with local inhabitants creates bonds and that is something good. Rural communities, especially if they are poor, make them realize that there is something more out there and that it is possible to have a better quality of life.


- Reason 3: Rural communities are awesome!

We really mean this one, most of the people who live in these places don’t have a lot of material things, but still you will be amazed when you realize the big heart its inhabitants have.  This will open your eyes and you will realize that no matter the circumstances, the economic differences, the heart is the most important thing someone has to offer.

So work with a rural community, and you will see there is no better place to do it. In rural areas of Latin America where poverty conditions are very high, it is very common that people open their houses and arms very easily to you, so make them feel part of the change, don’t work for them, but work with them and you will be amazed by this experience.


There you have it, 3 reasons to get involved in a rural community, what are you waiting for to do it? Open your eyes, heart, and mind, you will never regret it.  

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