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2 real stories about ecotourism and solidarity trips in Guatemala

2 real stories about ecotourism and solidarity trips in Guatemala

March 10, 2016
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Ecotourism and Solidarity trips are a great way to help communities in developing countries that struggle with poverty, lack of education and social problems. All over the world, organizations plan trips to take volunteers who would like live a completely new experience and who would like to make a difference in someone’s life.

SHARE Tours is an organization that’s located in Guatemala and that works with tourist in order help the local people and their community and inspire them to improve their standard of living through the development of the sustainable use of their available resources.

SHARE has been helping Guatemalans for more than 25 years and tourist from different countries come to this land to give a hand and leave a mark in different communities in the rural areas of this Central American nation.

Here we have for you 2 real stories about ecotourism and solidary trips in Guatemala.

Priscilla Menjivar

Our story is about a student from the University of Notre Dame named Priscilla Menjivar who decided to collaborate with flooring and paint in one of the schools of Chisunuc in the department of Chimaltenango. Priscilla was part of the work that was done by the group of tourists that visited the Guatemalan community. She said this experience taught her to have an open mind, be careful and grateful for what she had at home.

She stated:

“I enjoyed meeting the children painting with them and interacting with them too, I love the community of Chisunuc. I enjoyed visiting Antigua the most because there was so much culture. The experience taught me to be very open minded and be careful and thankful for what I do”.

Megan Desillier

The second story is about a journey that a student named Megan Desillier, from the University of San Diego California, made in order to collaborate and make a difference in a Guatemalan community. At her arrival to Guatemala, she traveled with the SHARE Tours team to a small village named San Vicente Palama in the department of Chimaltenango. She worked among other tourist and people from the village to improve one of the schools in San Vicente. While the project was underway, she spent time with the local children and teachers of the school and a friendly relationship was created between all of them. This allowed Megan to have a cultural exchange and she was also able to share with the people the knowledge that she has. Megan worked hard and helped to paint the school and also created a handwashing station for the kids.

Megan also had the opportunity to do some ecotourism and enjoy the natural beauty of this country as she visited the Tikal Mayan pyramids. The student was amazed by the beauty of the place. She confessed that at the beginning she was not sure to make the trip but then decided to take a trip to an unknown country and give her best. She said at the end of the trip:

"It was great helping out the kids and seeing how grateful the teachers were and seeing how these people live, the experience that I enjoyed more was playing soccer with the kids. I loved seeing the Mayan pyramids as well”

These two real stories about ecotourism and solidarity trips are the proof of the efforts that SHARE Tours does to make a change in this nation. With team work, solidarity and responsibility, visitors and host will manage the way to transform the reality of an affected community.

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