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15 best volunteering opportunities around the world

15 best volunteering opportunities around the world

May 25, 2016
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Becoming a volunteer is a way of creating unforgettable experiences for a lifetime; imagine doing it and also traveling around the world. If you are looking to connect with locals, contribute the environment and learning about different cultures and visit amazing places…Keep reading this blog.


There are 194 countries in the world and most, if not all of them, offer volunteer programs for adventurous travelers like you. We have made a list of the 15 best volunteer opportunities around the world for you. Where would you like to help and plan a trip to?


  • Cambodia

This kingdom located in Asia, is a good place to volunteer because most NGOs have set up in the major cities, allowing you to go around this country more easily. There are educational programs, healthcare and agricultural projects. You can also see the ancient temple complexes and have some delicious food when you travel here.


  • Sudan

It is between Africa and the Middle East, it is considered one of the safest places in Africa to travel to and here there are different programs like education and conservation of black rhinos. The only requirement for volunteers is to stay for a long time, because of the time it takes to adapt to the life in Sudan.


  • The Amazonas

This very exotic place is perfect if you love nature. Here you can learn about different cultures and have an exchange of this type, also connect with the flora and fauna of the place. Although the jungle can be though, it will be an amazing experience.


  • Haiti

After the 2012 earthquake, this country has had a hard time recovering from all the damage this natural disaster caused. Most programs are dedicated to house building, education and food security.


  • South Africa

Are you interested in wildlife conservation programs? This country is perfect for you. Here you can also participate in community projects.


  • St. Croix

Participate in organic farming programs in this tropical island. You can also learn about sustainable farming and have a relaxing time in The Virgin Islands.


  • Tibet

Travel to this small region in Asia and have an amazing cultural exchange with locals, hike the beautiful mountains and enjoy all the traditions this mystical country has.


  • Argentina

Participate in different volunteer programs for education, house building, sports, sea life and cultural exchanges in this South American country. Here you can also enjoy the traditions and food that Argentina has to offer.


  • Vorovoro Island

This small part of land is part of the Fiji Islands, is the perfect place for entrepreneurships and business exchanges. Here you can have an amazing beach vacation while learning from the locals.


  • Ecuador

In this South American country you can teach English and also have a rich cultural exchange from these Andean inhabitants.


  • Morocco

This amazing North African country is not what you think, it has a diverse flora and fauna and here you will get an amazing cultural and culinary experience that will last forever. Participate in cultural, farming and childcare programs.


  • Portugal

This is considered one of the smallest countries in Europe, and it is also very beautiful. You can collaborate in Construction and Renovation, Wolf Conservation, environment, food rescue and youth support programs.


  • Tanzania

Located in East Africa, here you can teach, do childcare, support on HIV/AIDS programs, healthcare and animal welfare…You choose and we promise you, you will be amazed by this country.


  • Mexico

Mexico is so much more than its gastronomy; it has a very rich culture and also amazing places to visit. You can become a volunteer in teaching English, child care, Special Needs, Environmental Research, Animal Care/Animal Rights and Mayan Agriculture programs.


This is the land of eternal spring, and it is amazing. You can enjoy the landscapes, food, natural resources and also help through social, educational, artistic and cultural programs. It is considered one of the most solidarity countries in the world. Come to this country and you will have the experience of a lifetime.


Become a volunteer and travel the world. What will your next destination be? 


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