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Travel to Guatemala with SHARE Tours (Clone)

Travel to Guatemala with SHARE Tours (Clone)

September 8, 2016
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The reasons to travel to Guatemala are many:  you can enjoy the diversity, the historical and cultural attractions, the gastronomy and of course the beautiful landscapes and amazing views. But that’s not it! Everywhere in the country you will enjoy breathtaking sunsets, impressive lakes and lagoons (some are among the most beautiful in the world), Guatemala is a place full of life and colour, its rivers are filled with adrenaline and adventure and its people are hard working and very talented. Why wouldn’t you visit this amazing place?

Travel to Guatemala with SHARE Tours

Visiting Guatemala through solidarity tourism is an excellent way of traveling, because you will not only get to explore and enjoy all the experiences listed above, but you will also get the chance to make a positive impact in a rural community, and give them a hand and help them in the road towards development.

SHARE Tours offers different programs, out of which you can choose the one that fits you the best, this way you get the help you need to come to the eternal spring country and change lives, live an intercultural exchange and build long-lasting relationships with the people you work with. Learn more about our programs!

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This package offers a perfect balance between the visiting to tourist sites and the interaction in the communities. It is aimed to high school students (Of legal age) and University students (Graduate Student).

The projects focus on contributing the development of schools, being benefited mainly the children.



This package offers visits to tourist sites and general knowledge of the customs and traditions in communities. Ideal for adult persons who wish to travel to Guatemala in different, safe and comfortable way. The projects focus in contributing the development of the communities.



It is aimed to businessmen who wish recruit new partners in Guatemala and university students of business career, who are interested in know how work the producers in the country. It offers visits to cooperatives, community plantations and principals touristic sites of country. Just like that, talks of interest to choose of competitor group.

Each program contributes to the most vulnerable communities, and helps them achieving goals of progress, growth and development. Besides, you can enjoy an extraordinary gastronomic experiences because you can learn to cook guatemalan food while you discover the beauty of the eternal spring land.

It is important to highlight that the money raised from these tours is destinated to the different communities and activities that promote the inhabitants development and SHARE Tours’ work.

Would you like to live this adventure? Visit Guatemala! Contact us:

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